The “Bad Basketball” Fantasy League


I was growing tired of the standard fantasy basketball league. Checking for the top performers available in free agents and working out trades to get the league’s best was getting old, so, very much inspired by’s Bad QB Fantasy League, I came up with the Bad Basketball Fantasy League.

The Bad Basketball League is the inverse of a regular fantasy league: players get rewarded for doing bad things. We love to watch people suffer and it’s about time we get rewarded for it. Look, here are the scoring categories:


This is a league where the meek shine. I tested a few sample games from last season with this scoring system, and a subpar Andris Biedrins performance was worth about 18 points, while an assist-heavy Rajon Rondo game got him about -80 points, so it seems like this should work decently. The challenge will be finding players who strike the right balance between significant playing time and performing actions that are detrimental to their team’s welfare while they’re on the court. Yes, Metta World Peace will be an asset.

I bailed on simulating missed lockout games on NBA 2K12 and writing about it, so I’m going to give weekly-or-so updates about the Bad Basketball Fantasy League here, and that’ll be a good time.

I’ll set the league to auto-draft tonight (Friday), so I’ll post the teams and rosters soon. It’s a 6-team league — small, but with an experimental thing like this, it’s probably best not to spread the lack-of-talent too thin.

If anything I’ve said sounds like you wouldn’t mind reading about it every few days and making a deep emotional investment, follow this page and I’ll have a link to the special tag that I’ll label all these posts with, badballfanleague, on my page.